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February 10, 2014


Elwell was in sales, not in engineering or product. Unfortunately this is how the industry treats their employees.

This dates back to the early days of IT, when I was a techie at one of the large "first generation" IT companies.

A large IT company in the Midwest:

The staff: 350 or so employees, of which 9 of us had an "X chromosome" (aka - were women). I loved my job but not being hit on aggressively by my own boss, regarded suspiciously by his boss and often given "kiddy-like" projects. And then, the top boss sent me off on a major project just outside of New Orleans. On the first day of work,I met some of the top brass, didn't realize that's who they were, gave them (on request) a course on reading a digital dump and ended up a) being invited to a Mardi Gras Club Ball by one of the wives and b) being flown back on the Sperry jet (which had also delivered the required evening gown). THAT was VERY nice! But it didn't reflect the daily routine "back at the shop."

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