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April 16, 2013


If I recall correctly, Henry Ford had an interesting ritual when his workers graduated from his "Sociology" department. They would walk in line, wearing their old ragged clothes from the home country, and emerge from a box wearing the same suit and waving an American flag.

Of course, these do-gooders - like today's do-gooders - were schocked when workers rebelled. In fact, when the Pinkertons subsequently gunned down workers, they claimed to be the real believers in civil rights.

Its schocking enough that "reformers" did not read Lincoln Steffens, or study the history you recount, before launching their bubble-in mania.

Its astounding that 21st century "reformers," secure in the belief in their own righteousness and undaunted by the history they didn't know, have tried to fund a leap into the early 20th century.

Hi Dana,
Larry Cuban mentioned that you wanted to talk about our experiences with the Cardozo project. I lost your email message on my travels this past two weeks. You can reach me at williamplitt@comast.net.

Regards, BiLL Plitt

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