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January 31, 2013


Nice comments Dana. I'm glad to see Gates' comments regarding MOOCs. I sent this to you via FB the other day but since we're not "friends," I don't know if you get it or not. We've been working on this hybrid online design with a community college and 4 county high schools. Some are now considering taking this to "scale," throughout the state. As you will see, the program only works because we've surrounded students with supports: http://tncollegeaccess.org/powering-progress-pre-dual-enrollment

Keep up the great work!

Bob Obrohta
Executive Director, TN College Access and Success Network

"Numbers-driven approach"? Are you sure? While I can't speak to the K-12 education initiatives or world health initiatives, I can speak to the higher ed approach, and it is a top-down, data-phobic approach, top-heavy with big talkers who have little to back it up besides superficial consultative-type resumes.

I strongly suspect that "with a combined SAT score of 600" should read 1600, not 600.


Hmmm, I guess I should have read the full article over at the Atlantic before posting my quip about 1600, not 600.

His concept is fine (i.e. measuring workforce outcomes for students with any given SAT score, but I stand by my original notion that most people with a 600 SAT score are highly unlikely to get a $100,000 per year job.

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