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January 26, 2012


I'll believe that there's a "significant shift in Gates' thinking," when the convicted predatory monopolist stops donated funds to the Discovery Institute and the American Legislative Exchange Council through his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

I think he and his foundation are feckless and trendy when it comes to education. Which is better than the focused malice of, say, the Broad Foundation.

I couldn't disagree more. Before Gates proposed increasing class size so they could use the money to impose merit pay. His latest, crackpot idea; grow the bureaucracy by devoting 2% of all teachers to evaluation, while increasing class size:

"After seeing how valuable peer evaluation is, I think it should be part of every public school personnel system. Dedicating 2 percent of teachers to do this work is a large investment. It can mean raising the average class size by 2 percent or spending 2 percent more money. With budgets as tight as they are, most states will not add extra money for evaluation so we will have to make the case that it is worth the small increase in class size (of fewer than one student per class on average). Without this investment I don’t think an evaluation system will get enough credibility with the teachers or provide enough specific feedback to help teachers improve. Looking at test scores is also valuable for most subjects, but test score data mostly just identifies who is succeeding—it doesn’t show a teacher what needs to change. I see the willingness to make this investment as a test of whether people are serious about an evaluation system that really works."

Did he ask parents whether they are willing to make this "investment"? No! Experiment on your own kids, Bill, not on ours.

And I haven't mentioned his continuing obsession with technology, which is reflected in the letter -- with NO research backing, and which is being imposed on schools throughout the country w/ his support.

In the letter, he ends by describing the scary LLC that he has created, the "Shared Learning Collaborative" which will hold confidential student and teacher data, to be made available to commercial operations, and run by Murdoch's Wireless Generation:

"an online service that helps educators easily discover and learn how to use these new tools and resources. I think there’s no limit to what a teacher with the right tools and information can do."


This should enlighten thoughts on the real Bill Gates and how "insanity" has overtaken him.

In this 2010 Video he indicates: that we spend less on keeping people alive to save teachers jobs. He indicates that we should pull the plug on older, sick and dying patients advocating death panels. Take a few minutes and watch the video.

At a TED conference, he also advocates : Zero Population Growth through vaccinations, while on the board of major pharmaceuticals and a keen investor in drugs. Shame.

Dana, will you please disclose whether you ever received funding or support from Bill Gates or his affiliates or have applied for such funding or support? Thanks.

I receive no funding from the Gates Foundation and have never applied for any funding from the Gates Foundation.

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