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January 08, 2012


NY's protest continues to shift character daily.


I wouldn't be surprised to see this become a means of amalgamating diverse class-based reactions to education reform.

The past ten years can also be characterized by the scapegoating and trashing of the teaching profession at levels unheard of before this period.

Teachers indeed have a great impact on student learning, _in_ the classroom, but increasingly, teachers are having to deal with students who come to class utterly unprepared (hungry, tired, ESL, frequent moving, abuse, etc.) to learn for various reasons the teacher has no power to change. Couple that with teacher autonomy simultaneously under attack, especially with being cowered into focusing just about all teaching on taking those narrowly scoped bubble tests.

We are expecting teachers to be magical social engineers when politicians won't even tread those waters in any seriousness. In my mind, this whole situation is highly immoral.

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