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December 01, 2011


Do we really believe that women who own iPhones--a generally privileged, educated, savvy group of people--will turn first to Siri when they are in need of a birth control prescription or information about where to obtain an abortion?

Once upon a time, phone books were ubiquitous. Now, they are going out of business. So where do people go for that same information instead? You obviously don't read Digby very much.

Thanks for blogging on Siri, Dana.

Although Siri is not the principal resource for women’s health care, it is important that the women who are using this--or any--application not be misled about their pregnancy-related options.

Read more about Apple CEO Tim Cook's response at:

Thomas, I agree. I think the most disturbing thing about this is that CPCs are included, but real clinics are not.

My point is mainly that the vast, vast majority of women, particularly low-income women, seek out this type of information via a text-based web search.

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