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November 28, 2011


I wonder how many years to we have to experience the policies of Bloomberg and Klein before we can say they have failed? they've already had nearly a decade with little or no improvement in terms of student achievement and more and more dysfunction displayed in the news every day, with class sizes rising to their highest levels in 11 years, college remediation rates rising, and such an incoherent management structure that HS students in many parts of the city have not even been assigned to teachers or classes now, at the end of November.

I think Diane and others have been proven right, and it is only the money and the raw political influence of the corp reformers that are preventing this view, based on voluminous evidence, being accepted as common knowledge. Principals, teachers and most parents in NYC are disgusted and perpetually outraged at the misguided policies of DOE and their refusal to take responsibility or learn from any of their mistakes. Diane is simply the most articulate and renowned of their critics and I have no doubt that history will bear her out, long after Ed Sector goes defunct.

I also don't think that Diane is any more "confrontational" than many of the corp reformers, such as Jay Greene, for example, or even from the progressive side, like Bruce Baker. She rarely attacks anyone by name unlike many others; and it never gets personal with her, unlike (for example) the ad hominem attack under discussion from Kevin Carey.

Carey's long cheerleading for the profitable charter-voucher sector discredits him in the eyes of any serious supporters of public education. His vicious attacks on Dr. Ravitch in that bastion of neoliberalism that is TNR serves as further evidence that he is nothing more than an ostensible liberal providing ideological cover for reactionaries including Hanushek, Smarick and Hess.

Any serious scholar comparing Ravitch's body of work to Carey's will note that he is far more guilty of everything he maliciously accuses Dr. Ravitch of. The recent coordinated polemics against those standing against privatization are clearly a sign that the intellectually devoid Freidman camp are running out of steam.

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