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August 01, 2011


I agree, I lived in Central Falls till I was 8, then my family moved to Pawtucket. CF cannot survive as it, it really needs to be annexed to Pawtucket or Lincoln, but what city wants to inherit the school with the worst graduation rate in the state?

St. Louis County, Missouri, has 92 municipalities - the City of St. Louis is not one of them. Imagine the chaos & inefficiencies.

School district consolidation is about as popular as school closing. The state of Vermont, with 92,000 students (less than, say, Long Beach, California), has 291 school districts. Years ago, a governor tried to consolidate and got her head handed to her. (She later became ambassador to her native Switzerland).

Rhode Island has 39 school districts. In the 1990s, the state tried to offer incentives for consolidation. Only two took them up on it.

As long as districts rely on property taxes, districts will be reluctant to join forces.

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