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June 14, 2011


I'm not arguing that Huffington is getting rich of these legions of unpaid bloggers. But if their average post generates $3.44 of revenue, then they deserve to paid a portion of that $3.44. If it is such a meaningless amount, then why won't Huffington meet with union organizers or agree to altering the model?

Sorry Dana, but slavery is slavery. If work is worth doing, then the workers should be compensated. If a business can't succeed without compensating employees fairly, then the business should be allowed to fail.

After the sale, I just stopped going to huffpo. I think I've followed a link to huffpo about once a month. Frankly I think I'm better off, if only by being spared the ridiculous headlines.

I appreciate the post Dana. My question for those in disagreement: Should all the "Filmmakers" on YouTube get paid for generating revenue for Google? I like this post by Tom Hayes on the topic of a boycott: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tom-hayes/call-me-a-digital-scab_b_838210.html Yes, you'll have to read it on Huffington Post and generate money for them. ;-) I may have only one post on HuffPo so far, but it has more than "paid" off. Far more than any dollar amount would.

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