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June 06, 2011


"...the tide seems to be significantly turning against such policies, at least among wonks and academics."

Count parents, teachers, school board members, principals and superintendents in that tide.

Without exception, everyone in my community is appalled by the Obama administration's position on public education. There is little to distinguish him from the GOP on ed policy. That will be a problem in 2012. I cannot work for him this time around unless he changes direction, beginning with the dismissal of Arne Duncan.

The NCEE paper accused the US of just dumping too much money aimlessly. Given that many of the top education 'reformers' have gone through programs sponsored by Broad and Gates, does it seem like this emphasis on incentivizing teachers is just the work of well-intentioned private money forcing policy makers to abandon more targeted and collaborative education improvement models you've outlined?

And also, while it's encouraging to see a superintendent like Dr. Weast turndown education dollars that will force him to grade his teachers by a highly volatile system of measurement, Montgomery County is wealthy. Do poorer districts have that option?

Your link to the joint Asia Society-DOE paper is dead; is this it?


Thanks, Tim! I've corrected this.

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