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December 06, 2010


She is going to start a revolution with the backing of big business!? Her beliefs are neoliberalism at its worst. She hardly says anything at all about education. Only that there need to be great teachers. The mission statement is so vague. What there really needs to be is more funding for school, less standardized testing and more meaningful assessments, more teachers, education that promotes and practices the ideals of democracy, equality, and social justice, and education that is based on idea that learning should be done for the joy of learning instead of preparation for the workforce. We need student who can think critically and Rhee's ideas would rather that student be molded to fit in the box that big business wants them to. Calling it Students first is a crock. Yes there are some bad teachers, but the problems with our schools are systemic and eliminating the bad ones and de-skilling the rest is not going to change the problems in education.

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