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September 03, 2010


The focus should be on making it easier to fire the really bad teachers, not merit pay. It's hard to draw top people to a mediocre-paying profession when you can be fired at almost a whim by a principal or lcb, but at the same time there truly are a lot of dumb elementary school teachers out there and the "it's not just smarts, it's classroom experience" line is untrue far more times than it is true.


Fabulous retort to Shafer's oversimplification and vitriol! I look forward to reading your piece for The Nation.

Liam Goldrick

Thanks Liam, I hope you keep reading!

I'm glad you took the time to write this.
Shaffer's piece was awful. There's no other word for it.

Thanks Dan, I just saw your really excellent post on the LAT series and added a link to it above.

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