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August 12, 2010


Bravo Dana. You might get a charge out of visiting an Expanded Learning Time / New York City school, where you'll see a longer day that's anything but more blackboard gazing. For example, kids at PS 636 at Bed-Stuy (which partners with my org, TASC, and University Settlement to expand school to 6PM) are doing small group math and English instruction after 3, but also fencing, dancing, cooking healthy foods and getting 3 meals a day. Up for a back-to-school field trip?

Ms. Goldstein,

In the future, please implement on your website a notification that you will post only those comments, like the one offered by Ms. Brenna above, that endorse your position and/or performance.

Thank you.

I have no problem with comments that disagree with my positions. The reason I deleted your comment is because it brought up my appearance in a totally sexist and inappropriate manner. If you stick to the issues, I'm happy to let your comments stay up.

I have to disagree with this. I feel like families already spend far too much time apart, and parents tend to push too much responsibility on the schools and the government. Parents need to step up here, spend more time with their kids, and be more involved on a daily basis. Extending the school day will only take more time away from families and will have negative results. Also, most public schools are struggling to stay open these days. In our community we've had two schools close this year due to lack of funding. Finances are a major thing to consider. This just seems like a bandaid, not really going deep anough to address and change the major issues. The changes need to be with the whole family, which means the family needs to be involved and kept together.

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